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'There Are Two Kinds of People in This World' Supercut


Explore the duality of man and the triteness of screenwriting with the "There Are Two Kinds of People" supercut, a collection of various movie figures outlining their distinct visions of opposing viewpoints that will forever place humankind in civil strife. If Uma Thurman says there are only Elvis people and Beatles people, and Sam Neill says there are only those who want to be astronomers and those who want to be astronauts, how do we marry these ideas into a unified, clichéd theory of there being two kinds of people in this world? That's a question I'd like you to be able to answer by the end of this workbook chapter.


  • August 23, 2012
    Over seventy years since its release and still Citizen Kane remains, if not the greatest film ever made, at least the most beautiful embodiment of a "fuck everything" ever recorded. Evidence below in Zach Prewitt's temper tantrum supercut.... / Continue →
  • August 13, 2012
    Perfect for inspiring scheming, plotting, villainous hubris that will lead to an eventual downfall, here's six minutes of the "100 Greatest Maniacal Movie Laughs," featuring some of the best cackles from the likes of some Gary Oldmans, several Batman villains, and numerous Nico... / Continue →
  • June 19, 2012
    Take in and study some of the best pre-mortem one-liners from the likes of such action heroes as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Randy Quaid, and Worf in this supercut from Ziccup. Never again be left without something awesome to say right before you waste some ambiguously... / Continue →
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