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'The Hobbit' All-Dwarf Poster, If That's Your Thing


Owing some debt to The Muppets, here's the wig-, latex-, and dwarf-filled poster for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Yes, they're judging you. We all are.


  • September 24, 2012
    Well, Martin Freeman: the bad news is you lost your Emmy category to Tom Berenger. But the good news is, while Berenger's trilogy legacy is tied up in the Sniper films, you're about to carry a huge blockbuster trilogy based on one of the best-known fantasy novels of all-time, s... / Continue →
  • July 10, 2012
    Just in time for Comic Con, giving Peter Jackson and his team something to burst through, here's a huge-ass banner depicting a series of scenes from The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey. The above thumbnail is only maybe a third of the total image, so make sure to click to look a... / Continue →
  • July 9, 2012
    On The Hobbit's official Facebook page, Peter Jackson has revealed the first poster for An Unexpected Journey, the first chapter of his two-part expanded adaptation of J. R. R. Tolkien's classic. The one-sheet will be available later this week at Comic Con, so if you're going, ... / Continue →
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