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Natalie Portman, Wes Bentley, Brit Marling in Talks for Various Presidential Dramas


Natalie Portman as Jackie O.? Brit Marling as Momma Lincoln? Wes Bentley as Lincoln's first teacher, who no doubt keeps bringing that fact up every time anyone mentioned the President? Sure!

According to Deadline, Portman is being courted by her Black Swan distributor Fox Searchlight to play the title role in the Noah Oppenheim-scripted Jackie. The film tells of the First Lady's life just after JFK's assassination, when she was all like, "Ugh, what, now do I have to move, too?" Darren Aronofsky was once attached to direct with his then-partner Rachel Weisz, but they've both since exited the project, and Portman's involvement is now said to be dependent on the return of either Aronofsky or someone of his caliber.

Meanwhile, Terrence Malick is going to keep right on with ignoring Spielberg's Lincoln and continue prepping a Lincoln movie of his own. The suddenly-prolific director is putting a cast together now, and has just signed on Brit Marling and Wes Bentley. Marling will reportedly play Lincoln's mother, Nancy, who--SPOILER ALERT--died when young Abraham was just nine. As the film is said to chroncile "Abraham Lincoln's youth and those who influenced him growing up," Bentley will play the President's first teacher, who no doubt influenced him greatly. Probably by suggesting, "You know what'll keep you memorable? A real dumb beard."

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