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'Mama' Trailer: It's Tough Raising Feral Children Haunted by Their Dog Mother, Huh?


Raising a couple of girls: it's tough! Huh, parents? Especially when the girls are adopted feral children found in an old cabin, huh, parents? And, parents, isn't it exhausting how the girls' biological mother keeps showing up, and she's a web-fingered living corpse that crawls around on all fours? Huh? Parents? With all that in mind, here's the trailer for Mama, starring Lawless's Jessica Chastain and Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones. Not since probably The Others has such a mediocre haunted house film spawned from such a rock-solid sitcom premise (think Everybody Love Raymond's Doris Roberts as Mama).


"I'm here to visit! AGAIN!" [Audience hoots, applauds with approval]

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