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DreamWorks Remaking Convoluted Body-Swap Comedy 'All of Me'


He's a whacky lawyer. She's a selfish heiress. DreamWorks is a sad studio looking for absolutely any once-successful ideas to try again. Put them together and you get an inexplicable remake of the 1984 Carl Reiner comedy All of Me.

The convoluted original starred Lily Tomlin as a terminally-ill millionaire who, through some voodoo magic, attempts to transfer her soul into a young, beautiful, unoccupied body; instead, while her soul is in the interstitial transfer pot, it falls out the window and onto the head of her attorney (Martin), thus merging their souls, vertically splitting control of his body, and turning the lawyer's thoughts into a hilarious dialogue. New Line previously owned the property and had plans to transfer them into the younger body of Queen Latifah, but now it seems that won't be the case since the rights dropped onto DreamWorks--all of which would make for a cute little parallel were we not talking about a desperate remake of the 1984 body-swapping comedy All of Me.

Never Been Kissed and The Vow writing team Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein have already written the script, which The Hollywood Reporter notes has already made one significant change: now it's a MAN'S soul entering the shared body of a WOMAN. Inspired! The project is now said to be in the script-development stage, as the studio no doubt feels the "woman fights own hand grabbing at breast" scene could be padded out a few more pages with the right Gerard Butler voiceover.

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