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Brad Pitt Film To Expose IBM's Role in Holocaust


Brad Pitt wants you to know: your old ThinkPad runs on blood and Nazi gold, and that little nub thing in the middle of the keyboard is an idiotic alternative to a trackpad.

According to Vulture, Pitt is producing an adaption of IBM and the Holocaust, Edwin Black's New York Times non-fiction bestseller that fills in the gaps in Big Blue's "about" page where they forgot to mention helping the Nazis in exterminating millions of Jews.

Black's book argues that, beginning in 1933, IBM formed an alliance with the Third Reich, using punchcards to help the Nazis sort through German census information and most efficiently figure out who exactly was Jewish and in need of being dealt with accordingly (see: The Holocaust). So, while they say any press is good press, I don't think this movie is going to be very good for PR, you guys.

A film version was earlier this year being set up at HBO, but the project and Marcus Hinchey's script have since reportedly left the premium cable network and. With Pitt's involvement, the adaptation now look increasingly likely to expand beyond cable and into theaters, possibly with Pitt even taking a lead role. Despite its hard-hitting subject matter, the film is not expected to touch on whether or not IBM's Watson is actually Hitler's still-living brain wired into the internet to grow impossibly strong with knowledge. But makes you wonder, huh?

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