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Ascent of Michael Keaton Continues


This is the year we definitively go from "what ever happened to Michael Keaton?" to "Hey, nice to see Michael Keaton again!"

After scoring a role in Larry David and Greg Mottola's improvised comedy and taking Hugh Laurie's former part in the RoboCop remake, the former Batman has now signed on to once again replace someone, taking over for Whale Rider director Niki Caro to direct Buttercup, Variety reports. The indie dramedy is said to focus on a woman forced to tend to her father after his repeated DUIs, and "in doing so, she learns to not only accept his faults, but finally trust the other men in her life." Apparently just needed a little time with Dad to accept that one of his minor faults is getting tanked and going for a joyride. Such are men!

Jennifer Aniston and Alan Arkin were once attached to play the leads, but over the course of several director swaps (Sarah Polley was also at one point in line to direct) they dropped the project, which is said to be currently casting. Hey, how about Michael Keaton? That guy is so hot right now.

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