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WB Would Like Wachowskis To Make Them a 'Justice League' Movie


If Ben Affleck won't do it--and he won't--then maybe the Wachowskis will make that Justice League movie.

That's the latest rumor, at least, with Moviehole proposing that Warner Bros. has the creators of The Matrix at the top of their wish list to direct the long-planned ensemble superhero project. Word has it Warner is impressed with the way the Wachowskis handled the epic scale and bloated cast of Cloud Atlas, and I guess they've apparently also forgotten how much money they lost the last time they let the directing duo at some lurid, costumed characters. Anyway, like with the Ben Affleck rumor, this hiring is, for now, all in the minds of some studio executives, and with the Wachowskis already prepping their sci-fi epic about The Queen of the Universe, it seems less than likely it will come to pass. Still, though, it's tempting to imagine what the two could do with the property... Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Hawkman, Wonder Woman: all Hanks.

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