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'The Paperboy' Trailer: That It Isn't About the Video Game Will Be the Only Relief You Feel


While Zac Efron, Matthew McConaughey, and Nicole Kidman have, respectively, been involved in a Disney musical, a male stripper showcase, and the second-most lurid depiction of Batman to date (Batman & Robin had the nipple suit, after all), you have yet to see what may be their most campy production to date, as that honor seems increasingly likely to go to Lee Daniels' Precious follow-up, The Paperboy.

When the film debuted at Cannes earlier this year, many critics derided the drama as being a pulpy, over-the-top piece of trashy entertainment, while others basically said the same thing, but somehow with a positive enough spin that their quotes are now being eagerly cited in the film's trailer. One thing the critics were unanimous on, and which is now required to mention upon any reference to The Paperboy: at some point amid all the forceful drawls and sweatiness, Nicole Kidman takes a wee on Zac Efron. So if you like campy melodrama, or salty bodily fluids, you're in for a real treat here.

Well, I'm no closer to wanting to see The Paperboy, but now I'm really curious to see what Lee Daniels does given Robin Williams as Eisenhower.

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