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'The Company You Keep' Trailer: Ace Reporter Shia LaBeouf Finally Tackles the Weather Underground Case


With members of radical group the Weather Underground still at large since the '70s, young ace reporter Shia LaBeouf decides to finally start asking some questions in The Company You Keep, the latest government-ish thriller from Robert Redford. The director also co-stars, playing the suspected Weatherman and main target of LaBeouf's questioning, but really, no one can seem to avoid the inquisition of our curly-haired journalist. Susan Sarandon, Stanley Tucci, Anna Kendrick, Stephen Root, Brendan Gleeson, Richard Jenkins, Nick Nolte: none have been spared Shia LaBeouf dramatically asking them things. No matter how long he has to pensively listen to recordings, or thoughtfully scan through microfiche, Shia LaBeouf will get his answers. And he'll get them while in glasses and a tie, so that you know this is a movie for adults, not another robot car thing.

His job, Susan Sarandon. HIS JOB. That's definitely the clip we're showing when LaBeouf goes on Letterman.

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