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'Raging Bull II' No Longer Called That


Dodging a lawsuit and making all of their letterhead seem sort of stupid now, RBII Productions has caved to MGM pressure and changed the title of their completely-unauthorized, William Forsythe-inclusive sequel to Raging Bull.

In exchange for the studio dropping their suit, which had demanded "monetary damages and a preliminary and permanent injunction against distribution and promotion of the sequel", former champ Jake LaMotta and the producers of the film formerly titled Raging Bull II have agreed to rename their movie The Bronx Bull--another nickname for LaMotta and the finest malt liquor you can buy for $1.49. In addition, the lawsuit dismissal agreement states that RBII Productions (or whatever they're now called) must issue a press release shamefully declaring that their film has absolutely nothing to do with the original Raging Bull. Incidentally, that release will be the last press coverage their film ever gets, because it isn't funny to talk about if it isn't called Raging Bull II.

The deal is actually pretty good for the makers of Bronx Bull: if MGM is right in their claim to have perpetual first-look rights any Jake LaMotta-based projects, they could have likely shelved the biopic indefinitely. But then again, seeing as how the film stars William Forsythe, Cloris Leachman, Harry Hamlin, Tom Sizemore, and Bill Bellamy, shouldn't Raging Bull II be fair use under a parody defense?

  • July 5, 2012
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