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Morgan Freeman, Elizabeth Banks To Grant Voice to 'Lego'


The dignified voice of God, Visa, and penguin affairs will soon be lending its authoritative gravitas to some interlocking plastic bricks.

According to Deadline, Morgan Freeman will be playing a lead role in Phil Lord and Chris Miller's Lego: The Piece of Resistance, with the actor providing the voice for a character named Vitruvius. Specifics about Vitrivius are for now being kept secret, but he's probably one of the minifigure guys who has a Robin Hood body and that obnoxious smirking head. That's at least who I always called Vitrivius.

Meanwhile, Lord and Miller have also returned to NBC's Thursday night comedy well for some more of their cast, reportedly signing 30 Rock's Elizabeth Banks to voice a character alongside Will Arnett's Lego Batman and Parks and Rec's Chris Pratt, who's playing a man mistaken for the MasterBuilder and "drafted into a fellowship of strangers on a quest to stop an evil tyrant from gluing the universe together." No word on Banks's character, but I imagine it will have little lips painted on. That's how you know it's a girl Lego.

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