Legendary Pictures Getting Back into 'World of Warcraft'


Though Sam Raimi is no longer involved in the project, Legendary Pictures just can't give up on World of Warcraft, hiring on K-Pax writer Charles Leavitt to work the game's fleeting, hollow feelings of accomplishment into a new script.

According to Variety, Leavitt's script may finally push the languishing adaptation into development, prompting a search for a director to replace the departing Raimi, who at Comic Con announced that he, like so many before him, had to give up WoW to focus on less pathetic things--in this case, his upcoming Oz: The Great and Powerful. Activision's Bobby Kotick told the trade that video game-maker Blizzard is "very excited about having a World of Warcraft film," adding, "They've been very careful and thoughtful about the development process," but gave no hints as to how the expansive, massively-multiplayer game will be pared down for a movie. I just hope Thurngallt Windflender is in it. I still owe him one for giving me a White Leather Jerkin.



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