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'Last Stand' Trailer: Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Shoot Things, Tell Old Guy Jokes


Schwarzenegger's first big solo film since leaving public service to return to pretending to murder people, The Last Stand casts the former governor/learning-computer as a LAPD narcotics detective who, following an on-the-job disgrace, becomes sheriff of a sleepy border town. Of course, as could be expected from Arnold Schwarzenegger's return to slightly-more-shriveled form, his peaceful existence--and day off, yikes!--is disrupted when FBI agent Forest Whitaker calls to say that a drug cartel had used their giant truck plow thing to bust through a road block, leaving Schwarzenegger as THE LAST STAND between them and the border. Working against Arnold: He's old! Which he makes sure to point out, in case you didn't notice. Working for him: His town has pretty much every gun ever--plus Johnny Knoxville, the wacky Barney Fife to Schwarzenegger's Austrian Andy Griffith. Here's the trailer.

"Here is where I say I am the sheriff because that is my job in this town."

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