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'Frozen Ground' Trailer: Vanessa Hudgens Strips, Nicolas Cage Makes His Faces, 50 Cent Is Somewhere


Recent dire-looking fare like Trespass, Justice, and Stolen having diminished Nicolas Cage's standards to desperate new lows--even for Nicolas Cage--cinema's most resilient, trash-loving cockroach has scuttled up to a new project that will make you ask whether or not it's for real. Yes, Frozen Ground is for real, and stars Nicolas Cage as some kind of cop or whatever who, teamed with Breaking Bad's Dean Norris, goes on the hunt for a serial killer (seemingly played by John Cusack) that's been targeting the local stripper community.

This trailer for the film gives away quite a bit of the hackneyed plot--and, in its single attempt at gaining favor, quite a bit of stripper Vanessa Hudgens' pole routine--but does save a few surprises, completely withholding 50 Cent's promised appearance as "Pimp Clate Johnson." Something to look forward to when the film gets released in late November. Awards season!

How has it taken this long for the bottom-feeding careers of Cage and Cent to finally cross?

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