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'Doctor Who' Season 7 Trailer Has a Lot of Things


While the first Doctor Who seventh series trailer played it close to their cowboy robot's rawhide vest, teasing mostly a Wild West plot involving a Westworld-like android gunslinger, this newest preview goes for more of a kitchen sink approach. Beyond more looks at the Maverick-themed Borg, we see here that Rory, Amy, and the increasingly-drunk-sounding Doctor also encounter triceratops on a spaceship, Tyson tattoos on an old fashioney guy, a dinosaur hunter with an ancient Egyptian, and some other outlandish combinations that Hollywood now wishes they were developing movies about. It also seems there will be some kind of Dalek tribunal, though that's really a pretty minor Dalek point when you consider that the trailer closes on the reveal that there will be a Dalek genocide that wipes out all those a-holes. So, spoiler alert, I guess?

(Thanks again to: Lisa)

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