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Director Ben Affleck Offered 'Justice League'


The Town proved Ben Affleck could handle both action and goofy costumes, and Warner Bros. wants that expertise and ability to command a Superman-looking dude on their Justice League project.

With Christopher Nolan dropping out of the superhero game, and Zack Snyder busy already lending his visionary direction to the visionary Man of Steel, the studio has reportedly offered their big would-be Avengers competition to their other recent go-to guy, B. Affleck. The directing side of Affleck is already supposedly working with WB to develop a Whitey Bulger biopic and an adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand, and was once in the running to helm Warner's Superman reboot, so the choice isn't entirely out of left field, but still, when the studio revealed their ensemble superhero film was back on, I don't think many were thinking, "Sounds like an Affleck!" It remains to be seen whether Affleck himself thinks this sounds like an Affleck; he's "expected to discuss the project with studio brass in the coming days, multiple sources tell Variety." These will probably be the first negotiations in which the thickness of Aquaman's Bostonian accent will be a sticking point.

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