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'Deadfall' Trailer: Yet Again, First-Time Criminals Bungle Things Up in a Wintry Locale


Inauspiciously set for a November debut on iTunes before hitting theaters a month later, Deadfall stars Eric Bana and Olivia Wilde as sibling criminals whose robbery of a Native American tribal casino runs afoul when the Spirit of the Deer hits their getaway car, leaving them stranded with a murdered patrolman (they also kill a patrolman) near the U.S.-Canadian border.

Realizing that if they split up, they'll be less likely to match witness descriptions of the most objectively-attractive brother-sister crime team, the two depart on different paths to the north: Wilde hitches a ride with Charlie Hunnam, and quickly falls for him and his down-homey parents, Kris Kristofferson and Sissy Spacek. Bana also eventually ends up at the Krisofferson-Spacek residence, but somehow takes a path that places him in the ominous tassels of a newly-acquired suede jacket. WHERE DID HE GET A SUEDE JACKET!? All the while, the siblings avoid the pursuit of Kate Mara, who plays an ambitious county sheriff that would like very much to know who robbed a casino and killed a patrolman, and where that individual may have picked up tassel-covered jacket. Think the inept, first-time-criminals-in-a-snowy-locale scenarios of Fargo, A Simple Plan, Big Nothing, Ice Harvest, Big White and Thin Ice, but with less darkly-comic bumbling, more kissing and suede tassels.

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