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'Butter' Trailer: Finally, We Can Laugh at the Art of Butter Sculpting


Long-delayed despite looking fairly decent and having a cast of varyingly-popular superheroes that includes Wolverine, Elektra, Doc Samson, and Batgirl, Butter finally hits theaters October 5, and here's the trailer. In the indie comedy, Jennifer Garner stars as the butter-sculpting queen to husband Ty Burrell's former king; her surefire-title/marriage/political-ambitions soon come into question when Rob Corddry and Alicia Silverstone's African-American foster child rises as an unexpected contender for the crown, all while young stripper Olivia Wilde carries on with an affair with Burrell. Clinton-Obama political allegory! I get it, you guys. I voted.

Jackman is probably an analogue for Kucinich. That dude loves boobs.

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