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'Silent Hill: Revelation 3D' Trailer: Pyramid Head and the Gross-Faced Nurses Are Back, in More Dimensions


Like the Resident Evil franchise, fellow video game-based series Silent Hill continues to, unchecked, expand and develop new, ambiguous subtitles to put in theaters. The newest is Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, which--despite the possible implications of the "3" in "3D"--is just the second film in the series but draws its inspiration from the third game, which is actually more a proper sequel to the first game than the second game was. Okay? Anyway, the film now has a trailer, and according to the Silent Hill superfan I keep on retainer for just such nerdy occasions, it appears to show a surprising faithfulness to its source, right down to the details. So get excited, Silent Hill fans: all your favorite cutscenes have been re-created and improved by the addition of Malcolm McDowell.

I'm told the most glaring difference between the film and game is that the Sean Bean character here seems to be kidnapped, rather than killed, marking the first time absolutely any regard has ever been shown toward the life of Sean Bean.

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