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Larry David's Improvised Comedy Now Headed Straight to HBO


His relationship with HBO still proving healthiest of all his real and fictional relationships, Larry David is abandoning theatrical release plans to bring his upcoming feature-length comedy straight to his Curb Your Enthusiasm network.

The film--a still-untitled, said-to-be-improvised comedy to be directed by David's bald brother, Greg Mottola--has largely been kept secret, and the only non-David participants known thus far are Jon Hamm and Michael Keaton. The LA Times says that the deal isn't yet done but talks are well underway, and it seems likely to work out given that Fox Searchlight--who also reportedly showed interest in the project--is unable or unwilling to match the budget ceiling HBO is offering for the film. Looks like we won't be seeing a leery Larry David staredown projected on the big screen. But on the plus side, with the bigger budget, now we may finally hear David's annoyed ruminations on the acceptable etiquette of a chase setpiece.

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