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Hey, Anne Hathaway Would Be in a Catwoman Spin-Off! (Should That Ever Happen, with Christopher Nolan)


Confronted on whether she'd fetishize herself again should Christopher Nolan develop a Catwoman solo movie, Anne Hathaway recently said, well, just the sort of safe answer you'd expect her to say. But hey, how about that Catwoman, huh?

Speaking to DigitalSpy, Hathaway said:

"If he's interested, I'm very interested! I think it would be lovely to see more of her but only if it's with the right people. She lives in this Gotham City and so it would have to be established by the people who have made this Gotham City. For me, at least."

So, yeah, not really a lot to add to that. Except maybe: I think it would be lovely to see more of her, too! AWOOOOOO!!!! High fives, everyone, high fives.

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