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Anthony Mackie May Be Captain America's Falcon Friend, and More Casting


- Saving themselves the trouble of paying for Anthony Mackie's ticket to Comic Con, Marvel waited until today to reveal Mackie is in talks to run around with Chris Evans in Captain America: Winter Soldier. The actor is reportedly up for the part of Falcon, a longtime Captain America ally with the ability to telepathically talk to birds and fly on his little wings. In the larger Marvel Universe, I guess he'll be the "grounded" character among the guy who talks to ants and the space raccoon.

- Speaking to Grantland (via), Michael Keaton confirmed, yeah, he's still in things--things like the improvised comedy Larry David and director Greg Mottola are doing. Jon Hamm is thus far the only other cast member, so until I'm told otherwise, I'm going to assume the film is Superman/Batman, but really misanthropic.

- Richard Jenkins is in talks to join the Channing Tatum-saves-the-President film White House Down. Jenkins would play the "key role" of Speaker of the House, set to take command if something were to happen to President Jamie Foxx and his vice president, so you just know this guy's in cahoots with the terrorists. For shame, Richard Jenkins.

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