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Wes Anderson Film Palettes: These Colors Are Either Brilliant Auteurs or Pretentiously Twee


Helpful for anyone looking to paint their home in daddy issues, graphic designer Beth Mathews has put together a graphic showing the dominant, largely-autumnal colors used in all of Wes Anderson's films since Bottle Rocket. For how many of these movies involve a shirtless Bill Murray, I find it odd only Rushmore's palette includes Belly Beige.



  • August 13, 2012
    Do you like photos of props from eleven-year-old movies? Hey, me too! And lucky for us, the esteemed Criterion company has posted some, giving us a belated good look at the many made-up publications of Wes Anderson's now-classic The Royal Tenenbaums. See the the full visual bib... / Continue →
  • July 28, 2009
    The official Fantastic Mr. Fox site has been updated with new production stills and behind-the-scenes photos, revealing some new characters from the film and, more importantly, that Bill Murray's contract still includes the proviso that allows him to pass out anywhere he please... / Continue →
  • July 21, 2009
    I expected, and genuinely hoped, we'd see a lot of director Wes Anderson's distinctive style in his stop-motion adaptation of The Fantastic Mr. Fox, but literally shrinking his distinctive wardrobe to fit onto a anthropomorphic fox model? Astounding. More new shots at Rushm... / Continue →
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