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'Sesame Street' Movie on Its Way to Where the Air Sweet and Probably 3D


Following in the vast footsteps of that bird, 20th Century Fox has begun work on a Sesame Street movie to at last explore the untold narrative arcs of Grover, Gordon, and a specified letter and number combination.

THR reports director Shawn Levy has been brought on to produce if not direct, the garbled history lessons of his Night at the Museum series having made him studio's unofficial edu-tainment expert. Sesame Workshop--formerly the Children's Television Workshop until someone presumably noticed the child labor connotations--is expected to also be involved in a producer role, while twenty-year Sesame Street veteran Joey Mazzarino has been hired to write the screenplay. Fox has not yet given a comment on the news, so for now, we can continue to pretend the official release won't contain the phrase "edgier side of the street." And maybe Don Cheadle can play Gordon?

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