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'Robot & Frank' Trailer: Frank Langella and Asimo Forge Friendship Between Elderly and Creepy Robot


Taking place in what the trailer calls "the near future," Robot & Frank depicts a world in which robot companions have replaced "a cat and a faint understanding of how to get photographs off the email" as the primary means of keeping the aged distracted from their impending death. Thus, when the film's James Marsden grows concerned his father and The Box co-star Frank Langella has become a depressed hoarder, he brings in an Asimo-esque automaton programmed to be an uplifting, house-tending helper that will improve Langella's life by assumedly reminding him how much he liked the 1999 Robin Williams comedy Bicentennial Man. Unfortunately, the robot instead seems to remind Langella of the exploitative crimes of Edward Scissorhands, and the septuagenarian enlists his companion to naïvely aid him in a life of endearing theft via some robotic lock-picking skills. In a far less endearing crime, he also has the innocent robot using his dextrous robo-hands for enemas:

Come on, Sarandon, look at yourself. You can do better than Skeletor.

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