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Kutcher-centric Steve Jobs Biopic Gets More Ridiculous Title and James Woods


Last we checked in on the in-production Steve Jobs biopic that memorializes the Apple icon with a lead performance by Ashton Kutcher, Kutch was sulking around in a turtleneck, the film was going by the title that sounded like a after-school career workshop (Jobs: Get Inspired!), and James Woods was nowhere to be seen. Things have changed!

According to THR, now James Woods is totally in this goddammer--as are actors Ron Eldard, John Getz, and Lesley Ann Warren. Woods will play Jack Dudman, Jobs' former dean of students at Reed College, Eldard will play Apple designer Rod Holt, and Getz and Warren will portray the adoptive parents that invited Kutcher into their family. And the title of the film? Now it's jOBS. Get it? Because that is definitely the familiar naming scheme Apple uses. Always a lowercase "j", then all caps. Perfect.

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