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First Look at 'Mood Indigo' Reveals Michel Gondry Back to Being Michel Gondry


When Michel Gondry's new film about kids on a bus was recently revealed to be about kids on an ACTUAL bus--not kids in a cardboard box with crude stop-motion cotton candy exhaust--it had me a little concerned that maybe Gondry had paid all his hand-drawn Whimsy Dollars for the rights to direct The Green Hornet. Not the case! As it turns out, he'd just been saving his most eccentrically Gondry-esque transportation vessels for his upcoming Mood Indigo. Above, you can see one of the first photos from the film, and that is, to my eye, a fucking cloud car with a bubble dome and a toe. And these other vehicles from the film are nothing to fancifully sneeze at either:


In Gondry's mind, this is as basic as a Civic.


The Playlist has more images from the film, which for the first time teams Gondry with Audrey Tautou. How did no one think to get those two together being joyfully quirky and French before?

  • January 25, 2013
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