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'Epic' Trailer: Girl Shrinks Down To Help Leaf Sprites Fight Shark Head Things, or Something


Perfect for those who want something vaguely recollective of FernGully, but with less of the heavy-handed environmental message that was pretty much the whole point of FernGully, here's the first trailer for 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky's CGI-animated Epic. In the film, a teenage girl somehow gets Honey, I Shrunk the Kidded down to a minuscule size, whereupon she runs across a leaf-wearing society of little white people at war with a rival small-sized society composed of shark-headed things that are definitely the bad guys. And in case that isn't enough miniaturized races for you and your family, there are also wacky, talking slugs. Thanks to the internet's loosening of the definition, that is now what "epic" means.

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