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'Community' Fake Video Game Now Real Video Game You Can Play


Uplifting proof that people on the internet do some of the best things when they aren't doing the very worst things.

Inspired by the episode of Community that takes the cast into a retro video game, a daring vanguard from reddit is making what everyone wished would be made immediately after that episode aired: an actual Community video game. The game is still in its nascent stages right now--you can basically just jump on hippies and enter doors--but already the graphical details alone are amazing. All the main characters have several costume variants (such as Inspector Spacetime Abed above)! This is so correct!

Updated versions of the game (for PC, Mac, and Linux) are being uploaded here at a surprising rate, and you can contribute and/or see others' contributions in the main subreddit here. If you have programming/graphics/sound talent, get to work immediately. Everything else you are doing is less necessary.

(Thanks, Owen)

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