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'Bored to Death' Movie Being Talked About by HBO and Ted Danson


Well, add Bored to Death to the ever-growing list of canceled, cult-beloved comedy series that we're going to say will one day get a movie despite failing on television.

Like Arrested Development, Party Down, Veronica Mars, and whatever other series I'm forgetting about right now, Jonathan Ames's HBO comedy has ascended beyond the level of merely being bemoaned for its too-soon finale, entering the ranks of shows you tell your friends to watch with the addendum, "You should catch up before they make a movie, because I heard they're doing that." Speaking at the Monte Carlo Television Festival, series supporting star Ted Danson supposedly said a 90-minute movie is likely; Vulture's follow-up to HBO brought back surprising confirmation, with the channel's reps saying there have "been some conversations" but "it's at a very early stage." So that's some good news. Also good news that the "early stage" bit means there's still time to catch up before they make a movie, because I heard they're doing that.

  • November 2, 2012
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