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'Alex Cross' Trailer: Tyler Perry Hunts Down Crazy-Muscular Supervillain Matthew Fox


From the director of Stealth and DragonHeart, Alex Cross sees Tyler Perry playing the thriller hero whose name appears here in the title for the first time un-embossed. Tyler Perr's Alex Cross inaugural mission takes him on the hunt for a weirdly-muscular Matthew Fox, whose penchant for torturing people to death has made him a top priority to stop from doing that. Unfortunately for Tyler Perry's Alex Cross, his pursuit has drawn the attention of Fox's crazy eyes, placing Tyler Perry's Alex Cross's ENTIRE FAMILY at risk. Watch the trailer below, and live through the nightmare that Madea could be tortured to death, her final, pained "Hallelujers" played over the phone to taunt Tyler Perry that Madea's Family Reunion will this year be missing its hilariously-audacious head-of-table.

What do you think, guys? Does "DON'T CROSS ALEX CROSS" topped "DJANGO IS OFF THE CHAIN" as worst tagline of the year? Should we wait to see if the European-set Smurfs 2 uses some variation of "sacré bleu" before we make any final judgements?

  • May 18, 2012
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  • December 20, 2012
    Tyler Perry's truest temptation, long thought to be the siren song of Madea's "heller" begging him to swathe himself in the warm, motherly embrace of her rubbery skin, is revealed to actually be a muscley social media entrepreneur in Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confessions of a M... / Continue →
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