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'The Words' Trailer Quite a Melodramatic Anti-Plagiarism PSA


In The Words, Bradley Cooper and Ben Barnes--separated from one another by decades, Cooper in the present and Barnes in some de-saturated time in the past--each struggle with writer's block, get inspired by a beautiful woman, and are finally met with rejection after completing a book they thought would be their magnum opus. Parallels! Their stories diverge, however, when Cooper's fate changes quickly and dramatically after he finds an old manuscript tucked away atop what looks like an attic Slip 'n Slide. Cleverly re-typing the found book into a Word document, thus avoiding the questions that come with turning in 200 yellowing ink-smeared pages, Cooper takes credit for the tale and quickly becomes the darling of the literary community, but understandably feels some guilt over how he just found the book on some yellow plastic sheeting. Making that guilt even worse--and more THRILLING, because this is supposedly a thriller--Jeremy Irons somehow meets Cooper on a park bench and reveals: "IT'S HEAVILY-IMPLIED I'M AGED BEN BARNES. Also, I'm clearly the one who wrote that book you stole. Was it not obvious that's where this was going?"

Zoe Saldana co-stars as Cooper's girlfriend/muse, while Dennis Quaid and Olivia Wilde also show up in a context not really explored in this trailer, but there's probably a reason.

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