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Ryan Reynolds Frontrunner for 'Highlander' Remake, and Other Casting Stuff


- Ryan Reynolds is reportedly now the frontrunner to take over the Christopher Lambert role in the long-developing remake of Highlander. Great news for everyone who saw Wolverine and thought, "That was great and all, but could I please see Ryan Reynolds in just one more terrible film involving swords and beheading?"

- Writer/director Scott Frank's A Walk Among the Tombstones will star Liam Neeson as a former drunk cop turned recovering unlicensed P.I. on the hunt for the kidnapped wife of a drug dealer. Hey, I bet I know what particular set of skills he will use for this job!

- Morgan Freeman has joined Robert De Niro and Michael Douglas on Last Vegas, a comedy about a wild Las Vegas bachelor party that will be amusing because the cast is familiar and very old. There's still a fourth old, familiar lead to be cast; try to act surprised when Al Pacino inevitably gets that.

- Nicolas Cage and Mickey Rourke are in talks to join Marble City, a film about a just-released convict on the hunt for revenge. So that should have a fun press junket.

  • February 12, 2013
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