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Michel Gondry's 'We and the I' Trailer: Meet the Kids on Public Transit You're Constantly Afraid Will Start Teasing You


Back when we first learned Michel Gondry was making film that would put 35 non-actor kids from the Bronx on a bus, I just sort of assumed that "bus" meant "discarded refrigerator box with beach ball wheels and dreams for fuel" and "non-actor kids" meant, I don't know, "physically-manifested whimsy," but this first trailer for that film now reveals I could not have been more wrong in my self-satisfied pigeonholing. Titled The We and the I, the film looks like something of a naturalistic departure from the usual, charming Gondry quirks--even compared to something like Green Hornet. As it turns out, the bus is just a regular public bus, and the kids are just a bunch of typical, screaming, obnoxious high schoolers going home on their final day of school, and we're shown just a regular slice of their lives. So there. See the trailer below, but beware, it spoils that the girl who said she wouldn't see a movie with this dude is totally going to see a movie with him after all.

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