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Full 'Madea's Witness Protection' Trailer: Madea Takes on the TSA, Is Shocked by Exorbitant Hotel Chicken Prices


When Eugene Levy unwitting money laundering turns him into a witness against the mob, the state knows he "can't go into one of our regular safe houses," because that wouldn't lead to side-splitting laughs. "What are you suggesting?" Tyler Perry (lawyer variant) asks, still playfully oblivious to his own film's miserable conceit.

"Well, if you happen to have a Southern home barely containing an enormous, masculine, incredibly-conspicuous grandmother who can scream, dance, and make awkward racial comments on both sides of the Mason-Dixon, that would be the perfect place. Perfectly hilarious!" That is not directly stated, but I guess it's implicit enough that it's not long before Levy and his family are silently absorbing the discomfort of a man in a muumuu greeting them with a "heller," and then a movie seemingly happens.

It's Tyler Perry's full Madea's Witness Protection trailer. Turn up your speakers at around the 1:21 mark, because I'm fairly certain Madea briefly, bizarrely turns into Tim Allen. Hallelujer.

I never thought I'd be left wanting for more of Eugene Levy's French caricature. Maybe there will be another trailer where someone else is allowed to say things.

  • January 30, 2012
    Eugene Levy's promise to always show up as Eugene Levy whenever asked now extends into Tyler Perry's Madea franchise. The actor and masochistic American Pie torchbearer has signed on to star in Madea's Witness Protection, in which he'll play the timely role of an investment com... / Continue →
  • April 18, 2012
    "Ha-ha-HA! Look at me, baby! Madea's witness protection! Y'all ain't ready, honey! You ain't ready, dammit!" Adding one final flourish of maniacal laughter, so Madea introduces apparently-unprepared audiences to the fact that--exonerated of the prior crimes that incarcerated he... / Continue →
  • May 9, 2012
    Wait, isn't Madea's Witness Protection about Eugene Levy going to the South, not Madea going to New York? Yes, confirms Tyler Perry's official synopsis, but you can shut your mouth, because someone down at Lionsgate just realized it might be funnier sold as sort of a cross-dres... / Continue →
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