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Full 'Madea's Witness Protection' Trailer: Madea Takes on the TSA, Is Shocked by Exorbitant Hotel Chicken Prices


When Eugene Levy unwitting money laundering turns him into a witness against the mob, the state knows he "can't go into one of our regular safe houses," because that wouldn't lead to side-splitting laughs. "What are you suggesting?" Tyler Perry (lawyer variant) asks, still playfully oblivious to his own film's miserable conceit.

"Well, if you happen to have a Southern home barely containing an enormous, masculine, incredibly-conspicuous grandmother who can scream, dance, and make awkward racial comments on both sides of the Mason-Dixon, that would be the perfect place. Perfectly hilarious!" That is not directly stated, but I guess it's implicit enough that it's not long before Levy and his family are silently absorbing the discomfort of a man in a muumuu greeting them with a "heller," and then a movie seemingly happens.

It's Tyler Perry's full Madea's Witness Protection trailer. Turn up your speakers at around the 1:21 mark, because I'm fairly certain Madea briefly, bizarrely turns into Tim Allen. Hallelujer.

I never thought I'd be left wanting for more of Eugene Levy's French caricature. Maybe there will be another trailer where someone else is allowed to say things.

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