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Christopher Guest Doing Improvised Series with Chris O'Dowd


If Larry David is going to get up in the business of the improvised movie scene, then so shall improv movie demigod Christopher Guest dance his way onto the unscripted HBO stage. Or the Netflix or Showtime stage, if HBO was sort of bored by For Your Consideration.

According to Vulture's sources, Guest is working with frequent collaborator Jim Piddock (the British guy from Best in Show and A Mighty Wind) on a new, expectedly Guest-like, largely-improvised series called Family Tree. The show would star IT Crowd and Bridesmaids star Chris O'Dowd hopefully not doing an American accent as a man traveling around in the hopes of tracking down "his real family." With Guest at the helm, one would expect this real family would include an Uncle Eugene and the eccentric, politically-incorrect Papa Willard, but thus far such details are being held close to this vest. All we know for now is that, though the project is being developed at NBCUniversal, Guest and Piddock do not want to have a show on NBC, so Family Tree is being shopped around "to various pay services like HBO, Showtime, and even Netflix." Regardless of where it ends up, the fact that it's coming alongside other exciting projects like a Charlie Kaufman series and another season of Arrested Development should make us all pretty happy to be living in a time when things to watch on the couch are so fucking good. I'm totally buying the boxed set of next year on DVD.

  • March 19, 2013
    Neglectful of his duties since 2006's middling For Your Consideration, Christopher Guest at last returns to his sworn task of making Fred Willard look like a jackass with Family Tree. This time, Guest's usual mockumentary approach has been stretched out into an HBO series, whic... / Continue →
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  • September 27, 2012
    Still eager to work with old friends, past collaborators, and public masturbators alike, Christopher Guest has reportedly arranged Fred Willard, Michael McKean, and Ed Begley Jr. for recurring roles for his upcoming HBO mockumentary series, Family Tree.... / Continue →
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