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'Wreck-It Ralph' Has Poster, Also Has Cameos from Bowser and Undisclosed Pac-Man Spectre


This November, Disney will cash-in on retro gaming nostalgia with Wreck-It Ralph, an animated film that focuses on a John C. Reilly-voiced, 9-foot tall, 643-pound video game villain out for redemption. MSN has just revealed the film's first poster, revealing a character that looks exactly like the giant, angry, 8-bit embodiment of John C. Reilly's voice should look like:


The MSN report adds that there will be cameos from real video game characters ("real" as in from actual video game franchises, not "real" like John Madden is both real and video game), and right now Bowser from the Mario series and a ghost from Pac-Man are confirmed. It remains unclear which ghost will appear (hopefully a good one!) or if Dennis Hopper will posthumously reprise his masterful Bowser. If we can digitally bring back Tupac, we can surely bring back this:

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