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'To Rome with Love' Trailer: Woody Allen Explores Italy, Infidelity, Communism, Flesh Trade


If you've been following along with Woody Allen's increasingly-prolonged summer abroad, you know his filmmaking/backpacking route most recently took him to Italy, where he was quick to join friends new and old--friends, who you could probably guess, were mostly attractive young women or awkward Woody Allen surrogates. In To Rome with Love, Allen appears on-screen for the first time since 2006's unremarkable Scoop, playing a cranky, Woody Allen-y dad alongside Judy Davis's "mom," Alison Pill's "daughter," carefree prostitute Penelope Cruz, youthful Allen stand-in Jesse Eisenberg, girlfriend Greta Gerwig, sexually-experimental lust object Ellen Page, and Alec Baldwin, who plays either Eisenberg's father or a snarky, perverted ghost that treats sexual situations like a Match Game panel, awkwardly hovering behind foreplay to make relevant snide remarks. Roberto Benigni is also there, because he is Italian. See the first trailer below.

I love it when That's So Woody! ventures out of the comfort of the studio for these romantic, on-location specials.

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