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'Muppets' Sequel Gets a Logo, Kermit Now a Public Enemy of Germany


Hey, look, the Disney Facebook has been updated with the above piece of Muppets 2 promo art to get us excited about the upcoming sequel! Yay! Unfortunately, now that movie's future is in peril, because Kermit the Frog might be going to German prison.

As reported by THR, Kermit has been charged with wrongdoing by ZAK, the ominous-sounding federal commission that oversees German's television broadcasts. The crime of the Muppet's latest great caper? Illegal product placement. The Rainbow Connection is a clandestine advertising relationship.

It seems that Kermit, while hosting German network Pro7's Disney Day last year, made the mistake of casually promoting his then-upcoming film, The Muppets. Such an activity is banned in Germany, where any and all advertising must be clearly labeled as such, lest anyone confuse the plea to see Herr Frog's film as a formal command from a dangerous new, felted party leader. Fortunately for Kermit, ZAK seems to be a largely-impotent government force, unable to directly fine those who have violated German advertising law, so it is not yet clear if the foul hand within Kermit will face any sort of legal repercussions. It's still quite possible he could get away with this, just as Dr. Bunsen Honeydew yet remains un-prosecuted for his sadistic twin experiments that leave us today with Scooter but, tragically, no Skeeter.

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