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Batman Has an iPad, and Other 'Dark Knight Rises' Photo Reveals


Spoiling the dramatic reveal of just how Batman is able to put so much detail work into his DrawSomething art, EntertainmentWeekly's latest print issue has hit newsstands with some new photos (since scanned by Batman-News) from The Dark Knight Rises. Have a look below.


Bane is going to really occupy Wall Street. And he's going to do it in a little reflective strip-covered vest, so that he doesn't accidentally get hit by a car while he's crossing Wall Street.


Whenever anyone watches a Christopher Nolan Batman, it's always, "Chris, I like the gritty, real-world take on the characters, but why not more ballroom dancing?" Now there's more ballroom dancing.


Morgan Freeman's gaze says it all: "Yes, last night happened. And it was beautiful."


Catwoman can't believe this Ikea shit broke already.


I've always said only Joseph Gordon-Levitt could play Intense Uniformed Officer #2. The proof is in the intensity.


It's times like these that Batman realizes he should have put side pockets in the suit. "What am I supposed to do with my hands? Does this look normal? Fuck, now I'm thinking about it."


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