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'Avengers' Also Comes with 'Spider-Man' Trailer, Midnight IMAX Poster


Oh my, what a nerdy little orgy of superheroism The Avengers will be. As we learned earlier this week, the ensemble superhero film is coming with a brand new Dark Knight Rises trailer attached, as Warner Bros. is counting on the fact that if you like The Avengers, you probably also like Batman, because you do. They were right. But Batman won't be the only comic book hero using the Marvel film as an "in" to the excitable fanboy brain. The Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb has revealed, his film, too, will hitch a new trailer to The Avengers' wave of exploding cars. WE ARE GOING TO BE SO OVERSTIMULATED. Mother will definitely need to mop our collective sweaty brow with a damp cloth.

Thankfully, if you see Avengers at midnight in an IMAX location, you'll get the below poster to gnaw on during the fit of overstimulation.



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