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Tom Hardy Going to 'Nam, Returning as Violent Biker


Tom Hardy will soon be reliving the trauma of the violent war he fought over Reese Witherspoon in a new film that casts the Dark Knight Rises star as a Vietnam veteran turned biker gang leader.

Hardy is attached to star in and produce a still-untitled biker film from Art Linson and son John Linson, executive produce of the similarly motorcycle club-themed FX series Sons of Anarchy. The younger Linson is apparently quite the bike enthusiast, and came up with the film's story: wounded Vietnam vet Tom Hardy returns from war to see the anti-war flower power movement at its peak; Hardy hates these hippies so hard that he gets himself a hog and becomes head of a violent motorcycle gang. If you've seen Hardy in his breakout role as a bareknuckle-boxing frequent prisoner in Bronson, or his part as a Marine-turned-MMA fighter in Warrior, or as a dude fighting fucking Batman in Dark Knight Rises, you know those longhairs are in for some real shit. I'd cool it with all the peace & love stuff for a while if I were them.

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