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'That's My Boy' Trailer: This Is Sadly Going To Make So Much Money


Equal parts a return of Adam Sandler as beer shill, Adam Sandler as guy doing that Adam Sandler buffoon voice, and Adam Sandler's You Don't Mess with the Zohan wig (matted-down variant version!), That's My Boy casts Jack/Jill as a perpetually-drinking (BUDWEISER) delinquent who, on a stripper's advice, seeks out the now-rich son (Andy Samberg) who disowned him. Dad Sandler's initial hope is that he can win over his son enough to help pay-off his massive tax debt, thus allowing him to avoid an impending prison sentence, but as forced bacchanalian bonding brings the elder A.S. closer to his heir, his motives change, because THIS MOVIE HAS HEART. As Sandler outright tells his wise old stripper, "I'm just trying to be a dad right now." Then Sandler shouts "THAT'S MY BOY" and flips us off and Andy Samberg covers things in bodily fluids, a helpful reminder of both the film's title and true, overriding sentiment.

Note: this trailer is not suitable for work. And it spoils which element Adam Sandler compares to dick and balls.

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