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Scorsese Getting Back Together with His DiCaprio


Marking their fifth collaboration, Martin Scorsese and his hazily-goateed muse Leonardo DiCaprio are planning to team up to tell the true story of a hard-partying criminal stockbroker. RELEVANT.

DiCaprio will reportedly be playing the lead in Scorsese's adaptation of The Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort's memoir about being exactly the shit-head douchebag you imagine shit-head douchebag stockbrokers to be. Belfort lived large on sex, alcohol, and serious drug addiction, and by day made a living committing white collar offenses like securities fraud and money laundering. I bet you could always hear him laughing at his own story from across the bar, too. You always can with those turds. 2000's Boiler Room was reputedly based on Belfort's experiences, so that gives you an idea of the type: someone who acts the way Vin Diesel acts when you put him in a suit for once.

Marty and DiCaprio had been talking about the film since this time in 2007, but now that they're fully committed, production is moving quickly and is expected to begin in August. Scorsese must work fast to get the word out that it turns out maybe these Wall Street guys are sort of assholes.

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