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Schwarzenegger's 'Terminator 3' Commentary Nearly as Insightful as 'Total Recall' Observations


As you well know if you've heard his Total Recall insights, Arnold Schwarzenegger has a deeper understanding of DVD commentary than anyone else ever has or will. While most see the commentary track as a way to provide some supplemental background information or behind-the-scenes notes, he recognizes it as a way to audition as a mentally ill play-by-play man, mostly just describing what happens on-screen, only occasionally adding a colorful remark that offers some insight into his brain being broken.

In this "greatest hits" compilation from the Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Schwarzenegger once again proves why he is best at looking at himself and saying things, muse to his own thoughtful bard. Following his usual rule of shouting whatever he sees/thinks, the former U.S. state leader touches on such topics as: whether or not he likes it when the crane does wheelies (he does, very much), if he was every day ready for all the scenes and all the dialogue (he was), and big breasts versus small breasts (sometimes simultaneously). It is great. I want Schwarzenegger governing my skull, narrating my existence.

I could listen to this forever and I'd still want another five minutes of the boobs monologue.

Bonus! "Now I'm enjoying it already":

(Thank you to this YouTube person for editing this together. We're all better for it.)

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