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'Safety Not Guaranteed' Trailer: Droll, Indie, Romantic Time Travel, Maybe


Somewhere on the vast spectrum of "likable character making an insane claim that couldn't be true (or is it!?)" films, far beyond K-PAX and Kate & Leopold and Martian Child, out in the hand-drawn wilderness of the quirky indie outskirts, seems to be where Safety Not Guaranteed lies.

The film stars Aubrey Plaza as the intern of a journalist (played by New Girl's Jake Johnson, clearly filling in for a too-old, too-Hulked-out Mark Ruffalo) out to put together the wacky story of whatever eccentric put out a personal ad looking for a time traveling companion. That eccentric ends up being director and The League star Mark Duplass, with whom the slightly-more-upbeat-than-usual Plaza forms a relationship that begins as research and from there seems to blossom into something that looks like an archetypically-indie oddball romance. But is Duplass as crazy as his stupid hair implies? And will nerdy Indian side-character get a condensed story arc of learning to romance a girl? This trailer will answer one of those questions.

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