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'Ruin' Short Pits Motorcycle Guy Against Flying Robot Thingies


Perhaps a sign of these uneasy times, perhaps a sign that futuristic robots are a reliably cool-looking way to show off your prowess at CGI action sequences, computer-generated shorts that hint at a dreary post-apocalypse policed by drones have become a genre to themselves. If they aren't predictors of Earth's future, they're at least a safe forecast of cinema's apparently drone-based future and, even more so, of what untested talent will next be handed a franchise based on a five-minute test scene and the fact that they'll eagerly work for a lot cheaper than Michael Bay.

Anyway, here's a recent entry to the post-apoco-drone-action-short genre, Ruin. It involves a coolguy on a motorcycle using explosive flares and glowing sword (it's honestly not a lightsaber, George Lucas's lawyers) to fight deadly drones ranging from bug-like to "was that thing in Avatar?"

As a pitch for a video game, I'm in. I would love to play this game where I'm on a motorcycle fighting things with swords and bombs. As a pitch for a feature length film, I'm not so sure. I would like to see the scene wherein Motorcycle Coolguy meets the bedraggled but sexy lady survivor (played by any actress named "Olivia") who initially distrusts him but later falls for his rugged charms. I want to see how that plays before you get my greenlight.


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