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'Prometheus' Viral Stuffs Michael Fassbender in a Dry Cleaning Bag


A follow-up to Prometheus's mock-futuristic TED Talk--in which Weyland Corporation head Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) described making "cybernetic individuals" indistinguishable from humans--here's a brief video of one such cybernetic individual being brought to life. Turns out the miracle of android birth looks a lot like pouring some milk into a plastic baggie filled with sugar cubes and passed-out-drunk Michael Fassbender:

"I'm up. I'm up. Stop filling me with android milk blood, bros."

  • April 17, 2012
    Like the last viral video for Prometheus, this latest video focuses on Michael Fassbender's David, a "cybernetic individual" designed to nearly indistinguishable from mankind. This time, the viral runs like a full promotional video for the David product, freeing Fassbender from... / Continue →
  • August 1, 2012
    As if Prometheus didn't have enough poor, questionably-motivated decisions in its lengthy story, now Ridley Scott and 20th Century Fox have made official their plan to move forward on a sequel to the film.... / Continue →
  • March 21, 2012
    Here are a couple more Prometheus trailers, these offering some of the most revealing, compelling shots yet. Like the last trailer, they are super intense, and if you are functional, they will probably leave you really wanting to see Prometheus. They might also leave you wishin... / Continue →
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