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Mike Myers Apparently Isn't Good Enough for You Anymore: Cat in the Hat Returning to Theaters as CGI Cat in Hat


With The Love Guru having put a quick end to any humor associated with gluing hair to Mike Myers, the next Cat in the Hat adaptation will eschew live-action in favor of a CGI cat rendering that will project less palpable shame with its eyes.

With Universal and Illumination Entertainment's The Lorax killing it at the box office, begging for more of Dr. Seuss's catalog to be stripped for CGI films, the studios have announced plans to move forward with a computer-generated take on perhaps Seuss's most iconic book, The Cat in the Hat. Though Universal was the one at blame for creating 2003's live-action slapstick mess, the feeling among the widow Geisel, Illumination head Chris Meledandri, and Universal's top brass is now that "Seuss's works connect better in animation," rendered as 3D characters that are unable to disagree to being in car commercials. Rob Lieber is writing the script and Meledandri is producing. It remains unclear if Myers will be invited back to voice the central character or if this time they'll go in a new direction, one in which the Cat in the Hat is not perpetually drifting in and out of his once-popular Linda Richman character for some reason.

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